Reclaiming play, creative expression and feminine power through authentic vulnerability

Hey! I’m back in the land of the living after being sick with a bad cold for a week.

I finally made it outside just to take a quick walk. I wanted to unplug for the rest of the day.

But yet after going outside, I felt inspired to make some YouTube videos on what I learned while resting and recovering.

Amazing how unplugging for one hour can be so inspirational.

I have a confession: Just before going outside I was swearing and chanting “get the fuck out” over and over.

Trapped in my house by my own choice and illness had pushed me to feeling panicked to leave. Like if I stayed any longer in my “bell jar” I would die.

So I asked myself, what do I need?

And the answer was clear: go outside. Even for five minutes. Go the fuck outside.

I listened and was so inspired.

So my challenge to you, dear one, is to ask Right Now, What do I need?

And then give it to yourself without judgment or guilt.

Share below and let’s inspire each other! -Jaime Abalone Woman


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