Reclaiming play, creative expression and feminine power through authentic vulnerability

Tapping in


Gratefully tapping into the grounding and healing energy of the Earth by simply sitting on a large granite rock.

I feel this energy hold me and ground me.

And I feel the sun reach down to support and enliven me.

I’m grateful for this support.

And through it my Knowing switches on.

I am a part of everything.

There is no reason to play small anymore.

I’m supported in all of my choices.

And so are you.

Own it.
Live it.
Know it.
Feel it.
And truly be in your power.

You are loved.
– Jaime Abalone Woman Lyerly


Comments on: "Tapping in" (2)

  1. Very nicely put. I need a piece of solid under me every once in a while just to keep me from floating away and if I can’t find a good hunk of granite, the tree hugger in me (my wife still gets to call me a warmonger from my time in the navy) takes over. Trees are wonderful companions.

    • Yes! I love trees too. I am so lucky to work at a place that has huge granite rocks all over for seats and decoration. And instead of sitting on the wet grass today, I felt pulled to this stone. Hugging trees = happiness.

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