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Learn to be seen

Watch “Tip #1 ~ Bust Through Your Visibility Issues with This Quick & Easy Tip!” on YouTube from my newest girl Christina Morassi from Your Ecstatic Brand

Such an easy tip to becoming a more expressive Goddess in whatever you do.

Learning to be seen can be so scary.

I know. I’ve been there and continue to live there most days.

But some days – I turn the volume up.


Some days, I stand my full 6’2″ height.

Some days I wear bright shirts, sparkly bras, and dance my full body’s expression.

Some days I forget I ever heard that I wasn’t good enough.

And those some days don’t have to be so radically different from the everyday.

It just takes practice.

Who is up to join me in this game of being seen?

Loving you as you are and as you want to be seen – Jaime Abalone Woman