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Goddess in everything


Today as I walked to get the interoffice mail (yes, I work a normal job), I was lost in my thoughts about the texts I read.

Like a answer to an unspoken prayer, this leaf came spiraling down from the trees I barely noticed that day.

I said “oh hello” and picked up the little treasure that was inches from my sandals on the sidewalk.

Right away I saw a beautiful, angelic Goddess in the leaf. Her strong spine, flowing hair and arms reaching out to embrace the world.

Marveling in this perfect beauty of a leaf, I became centered again in my body, and my awareness turned to the nature around me. I’m in awe.

So today, can you find the Goddess in the world around you?

She woke me up from my thoughts of the future and into the present in a snap. I would love to hear how she touches your heart today.

Much love – Jaime Abalone Woman