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Learn to be seen

Watch “Tip #1 ~ Bust Through Your Visibility Issues with This Quick & Easy Tip!” on YouTube from my newest girl Christina Morassi from Your Ecstatic Brand

Such an easy tip to becoming a more expressive Goddess in whatever you do.

Learning to be seen can be so scary.

I know. I’ve been there and continue to live there most days.

But some days – I turn the volume up.


Some days, I stand my full 6’2″ height.

Some days I wear bright shirts, sparkly bras, and dance my full body’s expression.

Some days I forget I ever heard that I wasn’t good enough.

And those some days don’t have to be so radically different from the everyday.

It just takes practice.

Who is up to join me in this game of being seen?

Loving you as you are and as you want to be seen – Jaime Abalone Woman


A Message from my Inner Goddess


It’s time to let go of all excuses.

It’s time to come be the woman you were meant to be.

It’s time to let your vulnerability be seen and held.

It’s time to make your mark.

Even if you fear.
Even if you doubt.
Even if you feel alone.

I’m here.

I recognize you as Sister Mirror.

Your story is my story.
Your pain is my pain.
Your joy is shared by all.

Thank you for beaming your light.
Thank you for accepting your dark.
Both are welcome and acknowledged.

We start this journey together – wherever you are at now.

You are never behind.
You are always at the perfect place for you right now.

I have a warm heart and hand to hold.

Tell me what you need.

I will listen. And praise you for sharing your desires.

Together we make magic.

I honor the Goddess in you at whatever form she takes.

Her expression is welcome here.

As is the voice of the little girl.
And the wise crone.

All is well, beautiful one.

I can hear you now.

What do you have to say?

-Jaime Abalone Woman