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Start where you are

Start where you are at!

In this video I make a confession about how I have been waiting.

  • Waiting to live the life I want.
  • Waiting for the right time.
  • Waiting for the right equipment.
  • Gathering and synthesizing information.
  • Waiting for someone to say YES to being on Team Jaime as Tech Guru.
  • Waiting until I feel pretty, worthy or good enough to share myself with the world.

But the waiting is over.

It is time to be myself and let that be seen.

And it is time for you to do the same!

The world needs your own brand of expression.

Your own uniqueness.

Your own voice expressed however feels good and right to you.

Blogging is easier for me. I can share with my words and paint you a picture of who I am.

But on these raw videos, you literally get to SEE me- talking, unedited, and real.

One day I will have some fancy videos. But until then, I’m starting where I am at.

So my Expressive Dare for you – start where you are at!

Make a video and toss it up on YouTube.

There are 3 trillion cat videos. Why not a video of you being your raw, authentic and therefore beautiful self?

I’d love to hear about how you are starting where you are at.

Share with me! I want to support you to be your most expressive self ever.

Aho! Jaime Abalone Woman