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Inspired Action

What is Inspired Action?

Inspired Action is when you get the message from Spirit (the Inspiration) and you Act on it, right now!

Does that mean if you get inspired to build something colossal that you have to do it now? Hell no!

But what steps are you inspired to take? Maybe a sketch? Maybe research? Maybe write journal your master plan. Whatever feels good to you right now.

I heard the term Inspired Action from HeartWisdom Guild Founder Mellissa Seaman, who is an amazing leader and Shamanic Healer who channels the Divine Feminine. Her YoniSpeak is mindblowing and speaks to my heart as TRUTH.

So Mellissa introduced me to this idea of Inspired Action, about a year ago, and it finally sunk in that this is really when I get my most best and most productive work done.

She said something like you will get ten times more work done if you flowing in inspired action than if you try to push yourself to do it.

What a concept!

We get 10 times more work done if we wait to hear Spirit’s Inspiration rather than pushing? I’m all in!

This is a very feminine way of working. To wait to receive the message, and then go forward with the action.

Inspiration = Breath of Divine

I personally felt this Inspired Action on Friday. Sick with a cold, on antibiotics and cold medicine, haven’t left the house for a week…does this sound like a logical time to create videos about expressive living? No way.

But with the help of a quick walk outside, I was able to get out of my stagnant “Bell Jar” and hear Spirit’s message to create.

And create I did!


In the last 24 hours, I have created 9 short videos, 4 oil pastel drawings, over 30 pages of journal writing, and feel in the flow of my creative self. All while still on antibiotics and coughing.

And now that I’ve let that inspired action flow through me, I actually feel better than I have in a few months. I’m inspired to move forward in ways that feel good to me. Yay!

So, how do you listen for and respond to Inspired Action?

1. Go outside (into nature is best).
2. Get quiet while you move and walk and see what catches your senses.
3. Listen, feel, touch the world.
4. Hear the messages that come. (I will write more on this topic soon).
5. Take Inspired Action if it comes. If not, then just remain open to hearing.

I’d love to hear what Inspired Action is flowing through you today.

Share with me below, and I will support you flowing into your most expressive being.

Aho! – Jaime Abalone Woman


A Powerful Question to Ask Yourself Right Now

Hey! I’m back in the land of the living after being sick with a bad cold for a week.

I finally made it outside just to take a quick walk. I wanted to unplug for the rest of the day.

But yet after going outside, I felt inspired to make some YouTube videos on what I learned while resting and recovering.

Amazing how unplugging for one hour can be so inspirational.

I have a confession: Just before going outside I was swearing and chanting “get the fuck out” over and over.

Trapped in my house by my own choice and illness had pushed me to feeling panicked to leave. Like if I stayed any longer in my “bell jar” I would die.

So I asked myself, what do I need?

And the answer was clear: go outside. Even for five minutes. Go the fuck outside.

I listened and was so inspired.

So my challenge to you, dear one, is to ask Right Now, What do I need?

And then give it to yourself without judgment or guilt.

Share below and let’s inspire each other! -Jaime Abalone Woman